3rd Transnational Project Meeting | 18-19 May 2022, Turkey

The third and final transnational project meeting of the project took place in Konya on 18-19 May 2022.

The purpose of the meeting in Turkey was to review the project results, to look at the achievement of the preliminary expectations and the tasks for the project closure. As with all TPMs, we sought to gain insight into the situation of women entrepreneurs in Turkey.

In addition to the meetings and presentations, we therefore made an effort to visit the entrepreneurs while they were on site. We spent a few hours on a farm near Konya, Temmuz Farm (https://temmuzorganik.com/). The farm is an enterprise dedicated to the cultivation of plants for cosmetic and medicinal use. The plants and their fruits are not only sold but also processed, mainly for food and cosmetic purposes. We learned about the conditions for setting up a business, saw first-hand the situation of women entrepreneurs, the daily life of a family business, the division of labour, obstacles, opportunities and financing. It was a tremendous experience to see how, in a place with an unfavourable climate, it is possible to grow crops so effectively and qualitatively and what wonderful products are produced.

During our stay in Turkey we also had the opportunity to visit tourist and handicraft enterprises. We were also able to try the beauty of pottery for ourselves, but it was much more interesting to learn about the family entrepreneurial approach that has led to the creation of world-class products.

All in all, the third TPM went as planned and a lot of useful examples and good practices were shared with the partners.

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