About EW4RD - Empowered Woman For Rural Development project

Agriculture gives major input for economic activity in rural areas in many countries in Europe, therefore women in those ares do play multiple roles in the world’s agriculture systems.

Turkey as a candidate for EU membership is compared with other EU countries, its women employment rates in rural area reach up to 46% of total labor force, while another astonishing fact is in Lithuania, where majority of entire population (56%, Eurostats, 2016) lives in rural areas just as similar situation is in Hungary; Bulgaria seems facing challenge of poverty in rural areas just as Spain and Italy where employement rates in countrysides are less than 60%. These facts are not a problem, but symptoms of low activity and attention on rural areas sustainalbe development and innovation. Therefore, countries still face prejudices and stereotypes e.g. EIGE’s research shows that narrowing the gender gap in STEM subjects would significantly benefit not just women, but the EU economy as a whole. By 2050, GDP per capita would increase by 3.0% (820 billion euros) and create an additional 1.2 million jobs.

This project aims to educate educators and equip leaders in isolated and rural areas with skills and knowledge to address low economic and development activtiy in those areas; to provide them with good practices in partnering countries in order to learn how to develop economic activities and sustain it with regards to ecology, finances and other resources.

The target groups of the project are as follows:
  • Adult educators and leaders – the main task of EW4RD will be to benefit this target group. As they are expected to lead, inspire and deliver high-quality adult education, activities are aimed at training and preparing adult educators for those activities via innovative approaches acquired via knowledge exchange and innovative practices form partners and stakeholders. What is more, EW4RD aims to connect adult educators, as consortium believes that through collaboration, awareness of other organizations in the field, and incorporation of their tested best practices, adult educators will increase their capacity, as well as their confidence in their own abilities. Connectivity, exchange and networking are key for the rural development sector.
  • Lifelong learning organisations staff – the project will increase the awareness of this target group of ethical and organisational considerations and requirements of rural adult education with best practices of consortium organisations, as well as provide practical application of this knowledge.
  • Adult learners – the project will promote digital adult education among adult learners with no general skills, low qualifications, or other disadvantaged groups who can benefit from its advantages via the planned multiplier events to showcase innovative practice in adult education and launch the elaborated project outputs.

Empowered Women For Rural Development project objectives:
– to empower and encourage women in rural areas to take action on their career development and starting own business;
– to promote rural development, innovation and social entrepreneurship in countryside areas;
– to equip target group with skills and knowledge about sustainable practices, permaculture development and establishing a business;
– to increase the probability of local, regional, national and international economic growth and cooperation;
– to promote EU values, active citizenship and knowledge exchange.

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