Project partners


Hungary (Magyarország)🇭🇺

The activities of Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (KDRIÜ) are fairly diverse. We mostly write and win tenders, manage national and international innovative projects, implement and popularize them, do business consulting, encourage innovation, shape knowledge and deal with technology transfer, training and mentoring on a nonprofit basis.

Over ten years of operation, we have become key players in generating, coordinating regional innovation processes, organizing technology innovation networks, and providing innovation support services. Today we offer cooperation for more than 200 Hungarian and 100 foreign partners – including international project developers, potential entrepreneurs, brainstorming companies, innovative companies (start-up, beginner, operating) SMEs, offices, higher education and research institutes, and municipalities.


Bulgaria (България)🇧🇬

BASD is an NGO in public benefit – a part of network of research organizations, regional agencies, institutions in all Balkans and EU.

Activities: Socio-economic and sustainable development; Applying, implementation and management of EU funded projects; Energy efficiency and energy renewable sources; Architecture; Activities related to development of the labor market, preservation of human resources and policies in this area, demographic trends, protecting human rights; lifelong learning, development of education and training; Arts and Culture; Social inclusion, social economy, social and health services; Regional development, cross-border, transnational, interregional cooperation; Tourism, Rural Development; BASD have: Experts in training, research, innovations, needs analyses; awareness raising and networking. Member of Bulgarian platform for international development, Anna Lindh Foundation, Global Compact; affiliate of the Earth Charter.


Italy (Italia)🇮🇹

Promimpresa s.r.l. is a private enterprise providing training and services to individuals, public entities and companies. With its headquarters located in the heart of rural Sicily, it has expanded to several other regional and national branches, developing over more than 15 years its experience in promoting economic and social development through training courses design, development and delivery, distance-learning solutions and consultancy services for businesses.

Thanks to its European projects Department team, many collaborating experts and a large European network of partners, Promimpresa participates in several EU-funded projects, mostly in the field of socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable people, adult education, employability of women and young people, VET service providing, job counselling. Promimpresa has a wide experience in managing training courses and also international mobilities, developing non formal educational programs and initiatives for different target groups (Women, adults, migrants, Neets, youth).

Working with a wide range of beneficiaries, Promimpresa is able to draw techniques and methods to meet the educational requirements of learners, addressing the needs of each target group’s profiles with ad hoc methodologies and strategies, actively involving students through the use of individual and group exercises, analysis of case studies and simulations, model professional thinking and actions, an overall collaborative and inclusive learning environment.


Lithuania (Lietuva)🇱🇹

Efektas Group is international organisation with headquarters in Lithuania, where main focus and expertise is built around Education and Training of individuals and organisations. Found in 2016 we work on topics related to entrepreneurship, personal & professional development, EU values, promotion of (eco) sustainability, inclusion and person’s healthy lifestyle.

The need in society and local communities inspired to start educational initiatives which later evolved into social enterprise. Efektas Group aims to educate local and international individuals and organizations using Coaching, Non-Formal education, neuroscience (NLP)based creative and innovative instruments in order to improve people’s lives in most positive ways. The main focus is person’s development in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Efektas Group philosophy is based on belief that everything can be done with the right attitude and collaborative approach.

Organization operates through:
−Making Erasmus+ mobility opportunities as accessible as possible for youth, youth workers and educators and young groups with fewer opportunities;
−The promotion and development of non-formal and innovative learning instruments for personal and professional growth;
−Fostering social entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle, sustainable development, inclusion and acceptance of diversity and other cultures and traditions;
−Creating innovative learning tools and exchange of good practices.

Efektas Group works with:
Youth: 18-30 years old, from diverse backgrounds, interested in personal and professional development, having entrepreneurial mindsets, tolerant towards other people, diverse cultures and attitudes, eager to learn and share their experience with others.

Adults: 30+ years old, teachers, trainers leaders, business mentors and active people eager to share their knowledge and learn from others.

Organisations: network is built around NGOs, businesses, educational and other institutions or organisations in Lithuania and abroad.

Activities include: volunteering, strategic partnerships, internships and mobility for youth workers, school staff and training courses, seminars, training courses and related events that support organisation’s mission.


Spain (España)🇪🇸

Founded in 2009, INNETICA is a non-profit association (NGO) whose mission is to promote cooperation between entities across Europe to promote European values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union.

Its mission is to promote social innovation projects, in addition to developing educational projects and teaching activities.

INNETICA has among its aims to promote sustainable development through initiatives aimed at protecting the environment, to promote the European Cultural Heritage and the integration of migrants.

INNETICA associates university entities, public bodies, companies, training centres of different countries, as well as intellectuals, professionals and volunteers who contribute their ideas and experiences for the change and improvement of European societies.


Turkey (Türkiye)🇹🇷

Established in 2010, Necmettin Erbakan University (NEU) is a state university in Konya, Turkey. It embodies 19 faculties, 7 colleges, 4 insititutes, 8 coordination offices, 25 research centers and a state conservatory. Its most prestigious faculties are Faculty of Education, Medicine and Theology.

The mission of the university is to contribute to the society through pursuit of education and research within the frame of universal values and scientific ethics to bring up productive, innovative and collaborative individuals. The vision of the university is to become an international reference point in bringing out and spreading original and scientific knowledge, embracing innovative, pioneering and trendsetting style in the field of research and education. Thus, NEU offers nationally competitive and internationally recognized opportunities for learning and research to a diverse population of students and academics.The student population is 26.000 and there are 106 student communities to carry out public service projects.

Necmettin Erbakan University embodies one of the oldest faculties of education in the country. It has been educating teachers for more than 40 years. After the foundation of the university in 2010, it was included into the university. With its well-recognized expertise in its context, it acts as a continuous professional development center with its masters and doctoral degree programs in academic plane. It also organizes professional development activities for prospective teachers and and teachers in K12 schools in the city. It addressses the needs of many stakeholders; namely, directorate of national education, municipalities, NGOs, science centers and associations through many bilateral agreements and contracts.

Currently, the university aims to improve its institutional strategies for the organization and implementation of international cooperation projects. The strategies are for both short and long term goals concerning teaching and learning, curriculum development, measurement and evaluation, new course designs, bringing research and practice together and sustainability of development in all life long learning cycles. As a result, as a higher education institution Necmettin Erbakan University has initiated a considerable amount of educational activities to disseminate its contemporary research and practice in local, national and international context.

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