1. Build an enabling environment for women's entrepreneurship

  • Ensure that the business regulatory process is simple, cost effective and consolidated.

  • Use information sources that are accessible and understandable to everyone (radio, popular social media platforms, printed press materials).

  • Develop mechanisms to ensure that business owners can exercise their rights.

  • Develop social security (including maternity protection) and childcare schemes to increase women’s ability to mitigate risk and engage in their businesses.

  • Combine targeted, women-specific programmes and policies with gender mainstreaming in all rural business development initiatives.

2. Improve rural women's entrepreneurial skills and develop gender-sensitive financial and business services

  • Encourage employers’ organizations to reach out to rural women entrepreneurs and provide them with gender-sensitive and affordable training, coaching, networking and mentoring services that will develop their growth potential.

  • Encourage rural women micro-entrepreneurs to organize collectively in cooperatives, business groups and in other forms that enable economies of scale in production and marketing.

  • Raise awareness among financial and micro-finance institutions about rural women entrepreneurs’ needs and introduce incentives for them to provide appropriate, accessible and flexible financial products and services (including affordable insurance and savings), at fair interest rates.

3. Encourage a progressive integration of rural women's businesses into the formal economy

  • Promote green technologies and sustainable farming and agro-processing practices among women entrepreneurs, to improve women’s access to eco-friendly growth markets.

  • Build the capacity of entrepreneurs’ associations to undertake surveys and assess market opportunities and prices, with particular focus on potential export or domestic niche markets especially suitable for women.

  • Promoting a new concept of the countryside, making it attractive for women and family to settle and work. Attracting intellectual freelancers to the countryside.

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